A Discipline of Words

While I’m still thinking of Seamus Heaney, I’m reminded of his words from “Station Island” …

The main thing is to write

for the joy of it.

I can’t say that I write for the joy of it.

Sometimes, that might be true. But more often, writing has been a task, albeit a task motivated by a deep sense of compulsion that I can barely contain. If there’s joy in it – it comes and goes, with the moons.

Deadlines have always motivated me. A thesis deadline, the omnipresent Sunday sermon deadline, a manuscript due to a publisher …

I’m worried, I guess. Worried that without another deadline, the words will disintegrate. That is, I suppose, why I’ve taken up residence in this virtual space.

What distinguishes a writer? Writer’s write.

It is a discipline for some of us {primarily}, and only secondarily, a joy.

Secretly, I wish I were more like the Irish poet.


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