A Poem for Night Travelers

For my kindred ones who also find themselves traveling by night, from Jan Richardson’s Epiphany meditations:

Night Map

All the time
you have spent
in the dark:
did you think it wasted?

I tell you
the dark is where
the map begins.

This night
that feels so endless:
this is simply
the season for
gathering sticks.

Soon enough –
wait for it –
the hour will come
when your eyes
cannot help being drawn
toward the stars
and you will know what to do.

Every twig and scrap
you clutched to yourself
in your bewilderment:
now you know
its precise place
beneath the heavens
for the making of the path
that will lead you
from here.

In the morning,
when you find
that trail you had known
blown away:
no matter.

The road you now walk
follows the stars,
their shimmering
lighting the way
that opens beneath your feet,
and their blazing
a message
from yourself
to yourself
delivered into day.



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